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BM Remodeling & Painting We are a locally-owned business bringing our years of experience in delivering the highest level of remodeling services to home and business owners. We have qualified remodeling contractors who specialize in creating new design concepts that perfectly fit any renovation project you’ve been considering. Every project begins with a free on-site estimate, then, a 3D-design version of your space is prepared so that you visualize your space beforehand, and any necessary adjustments be made in real time. The materials are then carefully selected to best suit your remodeling project for which a schedule can be outlined so work can begin on time. All the necessary licensing and safety precaution guidelines are followed and we guarantee the use of only high quality material and craftsmanship that you deserve. We offer the perfect combination between functionality and beauty. We encourage you to view our large portfolio and to schedule free onsite estimate with us.


Project Management and Design

Our company has been in operation for over 30 years. This has enabled us to build up ample experience and the expertise required to deliver professional project design and management services. We take care of your project from inception through to the very end. Our services include:

Initial design and consultation based on your unique requirements, style, and preferences
Extensive project planning and meticulous material selection
Painting of the interior

Our Services Include Design, Building & Renovation

Our experience team will work closely with you from start to end to redesign your home according to your requirements. Once we fully understand your ideas, we create a 3D design of your area for better visualization, before we commence the renovation process. We offer design and remodeling services for our clients that include the following areas:

Kitchen Area


Living Spaces


Get Free Consultancy About Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

To ensure that you get exactly what you’re looking for in your bathroom remodeling, BM Remodeling & Painting provides a free consultation before beginning any work. Our bathroom remodeling contractors initiate an in-depth discussion with you to achieve a bathroom renovation that is just right and custom built for you.

BM Remodeling & Painting Provide Professional Bathroom Remodeling,
Kitchen Renovations and Basement Remodeling in Norridge and nearby area!

bathroom remodeling

Bathroom remodeling is one of the most popular services we provide. It does not matter if your bathroom is small or big or if you need only a few small changes or a completely different project. Our bathroom contractors will do everything for you! Your bathroom will become your new favorite space.

home remodeling

A complete change of your interior spaces is sometimes the best choice! A 3D design prepared especially for you will show you how beautiful and functional your home can be. We will help you at every stage and in every room. We provide free estimates, so don't hesitate and call us today.

bathroom redesign

If you would like to change the functionality or the look of your bathroom, you should consider redesign! We will prepare for you 3D project after discovering all your bathroom-needs, so you may be sure of how your future bathroom will look like.

bathroom finishing

Is there anything missing in your bathroom but you don't quite know what? The current design seems to be nice but you like to upgrade it? We can help you! We will take care of every detail, from 3D redesign to complete remodel that will change your bathroom into something special.

basement remodeling

The basement is a place that we often forget about, but it may be a great living space for you and your family. We can use the full potential of the room, design and completely remodel this space to be as usuful as possible and perfectly suited to your home.

kitchen remodeling

Old kitchen, not well organised, too old fashioned? Maybe the arrangement of the furniture could be different, or maybe you would like to completely renew it? We can help you to redesign and completely remodel your kitchen to make you feel comfortable and to upgrade the functionality!

kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets take up quite a large part of the kitchen. By changing them, we change almost the entire kitchen! We will be happy to assist you in choosing and installing them, as well as we can help you to paint them and make them as new!


Your bathroom should be not only pretty but also functional. Plumbing is a very important element that we must pay attention to, and we always offer to our customers the best solutions to make the whole bathroom or kitchen be as functional as possible.


Choosing the right floor can radically change the hourse or office and provide comfort especially when cleaning. We can advise you in which flooring will suit you best, we will help you to buy it and we will install it in every corner of your house.


Painting is one of the easiest options to completely change your spaces at home. Compared to renovating an entire place, painting is a quick way to bring freshness to any space in your home. Kitchen cabinets painting, to bathroom walls - always professional and on time.

Why choose our Bathroom Remodeling Contractors?


BM Remodeling & Painting has consistently been the best choice for bathroom remodeling Norridge for a number of years. There are several reasons to trust in our bathroom remodeling contractors.


Our bathroom remodeling contractors can get the most out of your vision with new and exciting ideas that can make a big difference for your bathroom renovation.

Years of Experience

Nothing can replace experience and with BM Remodeling and Painting’s bathroom remodeling contractors, you are getting workmanship that is backed by years of experience.

Quality Material

We use only the best materials for all our bath remodels so you can be certain of a durable result with lasting beauty.

Clarity in Communication

You will know everything about the project before we begin your bathroom remodeling so there are no surprises.

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What You Need To Know About Bathroom Remodeling – Our Remodeling Contractors in Norridge Advise

When it comes to redesigning your bathroom, there are plenty of choices to make. Several factors can affect the renovation of your bathroom, such as space, design, color, or even the selection of the pattern of the tiles can also change your bathroom’s new design. Our bathroom remodeling contractors in Norridge has put up a list of things to consider for your bathroom remodeling project.

Before you even contact a remodeling company in Norridge to remodel your bathroom, you should inform the people at home about the renovations. Try to discuss your bathroom concerns and how you want to improve them.

Getting a little extra budget for your plan is essential because you never know If any unexpected problems occur, the cost will eventually increase. To guarantee you have what you’d be paying for, seek to comply with your contractor and regularly check the quality of their work.

If you intend to sell your home, adding a bathroom will significantly improve your its value, particularly if your home has two bathrooms.

All of us deserve a bathroom that can represent our style and, at the same time, offer the comfort we deserve. Apart from that, however, it’s also essential that it has the right fixtures and accessories that can also provide a pleasant experience. You can do it all by carefully planning and preparing for choosing the right design appropriate for your bathroom.

For more tips on renovating your bathroom, please contact our Norridge remodeling company. Our experienced workers will assist you with every question you have.

Hiring a Bathroom Remodeling Contractors – Bathroom Remodeling & Renovation Experts Norridge

Bathroom remodeling requires lots of decisions, such as which remodeling company to pick. Here are some things to consider when browsing through a list of remodeling companies in Norridge:


Unbiased reviews can speak volumes about a company’s reputation. Consult reviews for fair judgments on a company’s services before you call them up. At our bathroom remodel company in Norridge, we aim to make our clients happy by giving our best on each project. We do this by treating each project as a personal endeavor. 


Always make sure you are getting warranties from remodeling services you avail. Even with expert bathroom remodeling contractors working for you, it gives you peace of mind knowing they are accountable for their services and you can avail of a repair if something wrong happens during the remodeling process. Our remodeling contractors in Norridge have wide experience in remodeling including bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, and basement remodeling, so any sort of remodeling service you need, we got it covered. 

Customer service

No matter the size of the bathroom remodel project, find a remodeling company that takes care of their customers like family. Any great company with bad customer service is a bad company. A contractor’s professionalism should extend to the fair treatment of customers. 

To know more about our bathroom remodel or bathroom renovations services in Norridge, call us today. We can set up an appointment immediately to get started.

Avoid These Mistakes When Planning Your Next
Bathroom Remodeling Project.
BM Bathroom Remodeling & Renovation Norridge
Тhe Key tо а Grеаt Bathroom Renovation—PLANNING!

If you decide to have bathroom renovations in Norridge, the first thing that you think about is how it’s going to look. One of the requirements to achieve a great looking bathroom is a lot of thoughts, planning, good design, and high-quality materials. There is a lot of time where people skip these crucial steps and wind up with a less stellar looking bathroom. We are one of the bathroom remodel companies in Norridge that you can trust to provide you with the best remodeling for your bathroom.

It’s best to keep in mind that the bigger isn’t always better. One of the most crucial factors of the bathroom is the excellent design and functionality that it offers. Whether it’s a master’s bathroom or a small bath, our remodeling contractors are here. Number one mistake that homeowners make when having a bathroom renovation is choosing the wrong product to save money. For example, some certain paints hold up better in the bathroom than any other part of your home. Also, there are particular walls, and tile installation materials are more appropriate for use in the bathroom. Trust our bath remodel company to get your bathroom renovation needs to be achieved.

Even a small bathroom remodel can be a big job. We ensure that we have many individuals required for a typical bathroom remodeling such as plumbеrs, еleсtrісіаns, tilе settеrs, cabinet instаllers, and mоre. We have done hundreds of bathrooms, and you can count on us to provide the best service!

Don’t Like Your Bathroom? BM Professional Bathroom Remodeling & Renovation Experts Norridge – Can Help You!

Designing your own bathroom for remodeling work is difficult especially when you have zero knowledge about it. It can be overwhelming to figure out where to start and decide from a plethora of choices. For projects like this, it is best to hire professional bathroom remodeling contractors in your local area so you can enjoy high quality results and get the best value for your money. Here are simple ways to get started:

Shower and Tub
Nowadays, more and more households are turning away from the traditional shower and tub combo to make space for a more practical bathroom. For quick shower takers, the bathtub is often left neglected. For a more practical take, you can have your shower area revamped while having a bigger vanity area where your bathtub was once located. For questions, our remodeling contractors can help you get started. 

Toilet Placement
Poor toilet replacement can quickly cramp up your bathroom or leave you in an uncomfortable position every time you do your business. You can prevent this issue by investing in bathroom remodeling. Have your trusted contractor create ample legroom and a holistically ergonomic space where you can jump from the toilet to the shower area with ease. 

Sharing your home, or even your bathroom alone, with another person means needing a spacious vanity that is good for at least two persons. A double vanity is easy to achieve, given you have professional contractors to do the job. This can significantly improve the quality of your bathroom and let you do your business in peace without having to share your space.

Lighting can make or break your bathroom’s vibe. Choose yellow lighting and your bathroom will have a warm, sometimes dim, ambiance. Meanwhile, white or other cool lighting can make it look airy. Choosing the lighting is an important part of bathroom remodel or bathroom renovations projects. Keep your bathroom well lit with the right type of lighting. Essentially, this can also feature the elements in the room. Consult us for more information.

Contact Our Bathroom Remodeling Contractors
Even a simple and small bathroom remodel can significantly improve your bathroom space. Our crew of seasoned remodeling contractors in the local area can work on your plumbing, wiring, tiles, and even furniture and fixtures to ensure the success of the bath remodel project. We can also assist you in determining the bathroom remodel cost so you can prepare the budget in advance. For excellent bathroom remodel companies around the area, give our services a try. Call us!

Testimonials of our Bathroom Remodeling & Bathroom
Renovations Company Norridge

For my small bathroom remodel in Norridge, I called BM Remodeling & Painting based on a referral I received for them. Their team was very professional and the work they did was excellent. My bathroom was completely transformed by the remodeling contractors and it turned out exactly the way I hoped it would.

Nancy Molloy

I can’t believe how great my bathroom remodeling changed the way I view my bathroom. BM Remodeling & Painting did a remarkable job and their remodeling contractors in Norridge were so helpful to piece together all the components, making it a perfect bathroom renovation that I absolutely love.

Pamela Harper

BM Remodeling & Painting gave us a sense of calm in taking care of our bathroom renovations Norridge. Their professionalism and knowledge of how different materials work well together gave us the insight we needed to choose the right finishes. We thank their bathroom remodeling contractors for being so involved in the process.

Norman Boerger

I was looking to dramatically increase the value of my home so I needed to do a bathroom remodel. I’m glad I went with BM Remodeling who I’d say added several thousand dollars more to what my home is worth.

Jack Downing

Now that my bathroom remodeling is complete, I am so much happier that I have space to keep everything organized for my growing family and I. Getting ready in the mornings is so much smoother now that my husband and I have our separate areas.

Lori Grant

The bathroom renovation that BM Remodeling did for my parents old home was impressive. They were glad to go green with the modern and energy-efficient items that were installed. You stayed on budget and my dad loves to save money so the job was well done!

Emelie Hudson

You can never have too much storage space and the BM Remodeling contractors did a tremendous job in turning my small bathroom remodel into a proper guest experience. Now the bathroom has the relaxing feel I wanted plus plenty of towel and linen space.

Marley Gibbons

I searched for several bathroom remodeling contractors but your company gave me the best quote and was able to start the job almost immediately. I liked how you understood exactly what I wanted and I would recommend it to my friends and family in the area.

Noreen Thomlinson

BM Remodeling is among the top remodeling companies in the area. Not only do they offer the best quotes and handling times, most importantly, the results are guaranteed to turn out just as you expect or even better. I will continue to work with this company in the future.

Georgina Burke

Reliable bathroom remodel companies can be a dime a dozen but coming across your company turned out to be an enjoyable experience. Collaborating with your contractors made the results come out better than I imagined. I appreciate the great industry insights and suggestions they shared with me.

Blake Yardley

I’ve been wanting to replace my old bathroom design and when I came across your company, your customer service was great and I felt you answered my questions clearly enough for me to make the right decision. I love my new, modern bath remodel.

Thomas Leeds

The bathroom renovations recently completed in my house put the last finishing touches on the major investment our family undertook to have the home of our dreams. I can finally enjoy a spa-like experience in my own bathroom and I’ve been telling all my friends that they are missing out.

Jerry Wyatt

The small bathroom remodel you completed on the downstairs level had a bigger impact on our family dynamic than I thought it would. Now, the boys can come home from baseball practice and both go straight to the bathroom without dirtying the rest of the house.

Marjorie Davis

I was looking for ways to increase the resale value of my home when I came across your company. Not only was it a great investment, the work you did was one of the main areas that helped the sale go through so quickly.

Paula Craigfield

My wife has been wanting a nice bathroom for so long. When I surprised her with our bathroom remodel project, she was so happy to be finally receiving the peaceful oasis and spa experience right from our own home. Your work was very detailed and worth every dollar!

Dante Redding

I’ve been steadily making my home as eco-friendly as possible and the bathroom renovations that your company did for our home was no exception. Going green is important to me and you proactively offered information, answered all my questions while considering all of my tastes and preferences.

Amanda Brentford

Your bathroom remodeling contractors literally listened to what I wanted to get done and started on the job right away. They took care of everything from scheduling, to getting the right permit and perfectly coordinating all the unique design elements that I was looking for..

Karla Patterson

Your remodeling contractors guaranteed their work before it even began and I see why. Everything was executed perfectly, and the results proved to be of high quality just as expected. Now my wife and I can enjoy the newly designed space and features that were added.

Norma Mae Baker