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BM Remodeling & Painting Professional Luxury Bath Remodeling & Luxury Bathroom Designs

BM Remodeling & Painting is a bathroom remodeling enterprise specializing in tailored luxury bathrooms remodels based on your needs and budget. What makes us unique? BM not only deals with ordinary bathroom renovations but we are experienced with customized and luxury bath remodeling. No more run-of-the-mill bathrooms when we make bathrooms fit for royalty with luxury baths, vanities, and showers. 

We assist with designs, materials, and can adapt your bathroom to your personal style and financial budget. Don’t settle for any ordinary bathroom either. Create a bathroom fit for a king or queen with our affordable luxury bath remodeling. We work with each customer to ensure that they get exactly what they want by the end of the project. 

You shouldn’t want to leave your bathroom immediately after you walk in. Your home bathroom is somewhere you want to stay and relax. If your bathroom needs fixed or updated so you can feel comfortable in it, we’re here for you.


See Our Designs For Luxury Bathroom Remodeling

BM Remodeling & Painting provides bathroom designs in different calibers ranging from minimalist bathroom remodeling to luxury bathroom renovations. Our expert remodeling contractors can jazz up your space, bringing both great style and function for a relaxing bathroom ambiance. 

We specialize in remodeling and renovations work for spacious bathrooms both for residential and commercial properties. Leave it to our skillful bathroom remodeling contractors to transform your simple and ordinary bathroom, and give it a tasteful finish. We do everything from start to finish. This includes planning the layout, drafting the design from rough draft to the final sketch, choosing the best materials to go with the design, and, of course, doing the actual work. 

To be consistent with the quality of all our projects, we use the best materials available in the market. This way, you can rest assured that all our bathroom remodel and bathroom renovations works can last a long time and save you from more expenses and tedious maintenance in the future. 

Choosing from all remodeling companies in the local area, you can best believe you are making the right decision by choosing us. For your bathroom renovations and remodeling needs, BM Remodeling & Painting is here for you.

Vernon Hills
Vernon Hills

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Get your free consultation with one of our specialists now to determine the next steps to your first-class luxury bath remodeling. We believe that communication is huge between our customers in order to give exactly what you’re looking for. Reach out for your commitment-free consultation now. We look forward to hearing from you!

Looking for Luxury Home Remodeling Company?Check What We Offer!

Luxury Fancy Bathrooms

With our bathroom remodeling services being the most popular among clients, we offer state-of-the-art luxury bathroom renovations that are to your standards and consistent with your vision. Our bathrooms make you happy to be home. We offer consulting services and work with you on which direction would be best. Maybe you want your bathroom to be easy to clean. Our knowledgeable staff know just which materials you need to make that happen.

Luxury Kitchen 

Maybe you are a customer who doesn’t need a bathroom remodel but a luxury kitchen remodeling. We offer professional luxury kitchen remodeling with tile installation, plumbing, counter tops, etc. Customers get spacious kitchens that are convenient to use. No more running into people when there’s more than one family member in the kitchen. We consult with our customers on every step of the process all the way until the completed project.

Luxury Home Remodeling

We don’t only do bathrooms and kitchens. A lot of our customers need bathroom services so we are specialized in that but we offer every single room of your house for a complete luxury home remodel to give you that royal feeling. We do it all from living rooms to basements, whether it is just an upgrade like wallpaper and light fixtures or a complete renovation with plumbing and electric.

What We Do? BM Remodeling & Painting – The Highest Quality of Luxury Bathrooms

Advising & Choosing Materials and Style

BM Remodeling & Painting is with customers each step of the way. We are there from start to finish of your luxury home remodeling and can help with anything in between. We provide advisory services and consult with customers about choosing the material and the style of their bathrooms to make sure they get exactly what they want the first time.

Complete Designs & Project Based on Customers Ideas

We don’t just make ordinary bathrooms at BM. You’ll be using your bathroom every single day for years to come, so why not get exactly what you want? We make your vision a reality. Included in our scope of services are completed designs and projects that are catered to your needs.

Full Remodeling Including Plumbing & Electrical

We don’t only make your bathroom look nice during your remodeling, but we make it functional and usable. We do full plumbing and electrical to make sure that your luxury bath remodeling is accessible for you. We personalize it as well for each customer. For example, do you need a handle installed for getting in or out of the tub? We can add it along with other accessories.

Hiring a Luxury Bath Remodeling Contractors – Luxury Bathrooms & Fancy Bathroom Experts

Luxury bath remodeling requires plenty of decision making, including the company you will hire. As you browse through lists of companies near you, make sure to consider these three factors:


Objective reviews from real clients say a lot about a company’s reputation. Before you settle for a remodeling company, make sure to read the reviews for fair judgment. Focus on what the clients say are the company’s strong points as well as where they need improvement. This can give you an overall feel if the company is right for you.


Ensure that the remodeling services come with reasonable warranties for your peace of mind. This will help you determine great services from a company when they are accountable for mistakes committed during the project. We have expert luxury baths contractors that can do the work right the first time. You’re in good hands. We also provide warranties just in case.

Customer Service

Great customer service is the icing on the cake. It shows professionalism and value for client satisfaction. Whether you want a fancy bathroom to go with your rich interiors, look for a remodeling company where you will feel comfortable and taken care of. They should treat you like family where they will listen to your ideas and respect your concepts.

Create Personal Spa With Our Luxury Bathroom Remodeling & Fancy Bathroom Company

Your bathroom is where you start and end your day, which can be a heavily used space in a home. However, it is no longer just a place to get ready for the day and get ready for bed in the evening. Most of the time, the ideal bathroom is a mix of luxury and rejuvenation. When our schedules become busier, we need a place to relax and recharge our batteries. Having a high-end bathroom can achieve this for you!

If your bathroom is old, dated, and not stylish or relaxing, you may be ready for luxury bath remodeling. When you are prepared to give your bathroom a facelift and don’t know how to start, you have come to the right place. We are the luxury home remodeling contractors that you can rely on and trust.

Homeowners who are looking for quality luxury home remodeling chooses us. We specialize in stress-free trendsetting bathroom remodeling and design, which our team of contractors will help you enjoy a seamless, pain-free bathroom renovation process from start to finish. We only provide you the highest quality of work at an affordable price.

Our luxury home remodeling company will help you with different ideas on achieving the bathroom that you have always wanted. You can rest assured that the bathroom that we provide will serve both the functioning family bathroom and escapist getaway for the first-rate relaxation you deserve.

Transform Your Bathroom Into a Spa Like Experience – BM Luxury Bathroom Remodeling & Spa Home Bathrooms

Making sure that your bathroom lives up to the luxury aesthetic that you want can be difficult, and at the same time, it services both a functioning everyday bathroom. When it comes to your luxury bathrooms, we are the ones that can provide you with the ultimate style guide with the best in both luxury and functionality. Our luxury home remodeling contractors can turn your ideas into reality!

The Lighting
One of the most crucial overall lighting looks of a luxury bathroom is a vanity mirror. Our bathroom renovation ensures that the lights are bright enough to fulfill basic safety requirements, but your creativity is the only frontier. Ensconced mood lighting combined with an industrial-luxe stone shower area can make the space look modernized. Adding some tealight holders around the bath gives an impression of calm and serenity that you may need in a luxury modern bathroom. Our luxury home remodeling company can turn your regular bathroom into something luxurious and beautiful!

The Walls
The secret to luxury bathroom designs is subtlety. Our bathroom renovation will ensure to install subtle colors and natural finishes like marble, wood, and stone that will complement your high-end bathroom features while maintaining a sophisticated style. Another popular trend that you can follow is by installing large tiles, which offers a simple, effective way to achieve natural tones and textures. Our luxury home remodeling contractors will rest assured that your floor and wall tiles match as well as give a strikingly bold look that oozes with luxury.

The Bath
There are plenty of luxury bathroom designs for the homeowners who are bath-lovers to suit your style while making sure you get the unique sense of relaxation that only a bath can give. Our knowledgeable staff know just which bath you need to make your luxury bathroom remodeling!

The Extras
Luxury bathroom aesthetics are all about providing the impression of space, to keep the walls clutter-free is crucial. With this in mind, it is best to avoid shelves and hooks if possible. Choosing for low-level storage units is the best way to go. Fashionable options that you can choose from are wood cabinets with a darker color that contrasts the lighter-colored tiles of your floor and ceiling for a dramatic look. Another great feature has underfloor heating that will set your bathroom apart from the rest.

Testimonials of our Luxury Bathrooms

Luxury bathroom tile trend – BM Remodeling & Painting Luxury Bathrooms & Fancy Bathroom Experts

When picking out the tiles for your luxury bathrooms is not as simple as you think. There’s so much that you can choose from, and it can get overwhelming, from design, shape, color, and texture. We have identified the top luxury bathroom design trends that you should be looking for with our luxury bath remodeling experts. We focus on the finishes, colors, shapes, and patterns. Bathroom tiles can make a huge statement, whether it’s a small powder room or a luxury master bathroom. It provides the foundation and tone for the room. Generally, you want it to be pretty, stylish, and practical for cleaning as well as for safety.

Matte tiles keep up with the fashion in the new year because it has a soft but powerful style that doesn’t look too overwhelming, unlike glossy ceramics. The advantage of dullness is that water stains do not remain on it, as on a glossy one, which makes them easier to maintain. When our luxury home remodeling contractors lay tiles, we lay them with a matte finish, ensuring enough light, natural and artificial. This way, it doesn’t reflect the light, and they tend to create an elegant and luxurious appearance that you want for your bathroom.

Bringing outdoor elements indoors is one of the best ways to relax for many homeowners. This is why wood-color tile is expected to be a big hit in luxury bath remodeling. Wood has always been a controversial material for bathrooms because wood isn’t the most water-resistant. Porcelain is the best solution for that. With advancements in design technology, porcelain tile is now available in a natural-looking hardwood finish. This allows homeowners to enjoy the elegance of hardwood in their bathroom with porcelain’s durability and functionality.

When it comes to a hot decor trend with its roots dating back to the Victorian era, gold tiles are your best bet. Glamorous gold tiles are increasingly popular in today’s design schemes and can add a real class as well as vibrancy to any setting. White and gold floor tiles can brighten your home and help you create luxury modern bathrooms you have always wanted. The classic elegance of gold tiles makes them timeless. Walls decorated with gold tiles will appeal to everyone because they are beautiful. Our luxury home remodeling company can install gold tiles that will provide a luxurious look for your home.

Looking for Luxury Bath Remodeling? BM Luxury Bathrooms Remodeling Experts

When you are considering getting a luxury bath remodeling, Luxury Bathroom is here to provide you with the best way to create a fresh look and change the feel as well as the style of the bathroom. Depending on your budget, needs, and decor preferences, you can get different types of bathtubs. One of the most popular is the freestanding tub.

As the name suggests, freestanding tubs are designed to stand on their own without any attachment to the floor or walls. Unlike sunken tubs, they are not built into the floor, nor are they set into the wall. It is excellent if you are looking to give your bathroom a spacious and luxurious feel, which our high-end bathroom remodeling contractors can make happen for you.

Faucets for freestanding bathtubs can be attached to the adjacent wall or on the tub itself. The tub may also come with additional features depending on the price and its use. With our luxury freestanding bath, you can choose from different sizes depending on your needs. For instance, a small freestanding tub is great if you are alone, but you would need a wider tub if you want to enjoy your baths as a couple.

If you want time to unwind, slipping into those shimmering suds feels like a mini-vacation. Compared to hitting the spa for some well-deserved ‘me time,’ a luxurious tub is an indulgence that pays for itself time and time again. Whether you are looking for the latest features or just want something new that fits your decor perfectly, our luxury home remodeling company is here to provide you with the advice you need!