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BM Bathroom Remodeling & Refinishing Contractors
Bathroom Renovations, Small Bathroom Remodel Oak Park

Ask someone who has just have bathroom renovations what or who is his or her best tried and tested bathroom remodel company is, and this is what you’re most likely to hear –  BM Remodelling & Painting! We are your top-notch  bathroom remodeling contractor in Oak Park, we will cater to your every expectation and perspective in bathroom remodel project.

You dream of  a multifaceted approach in your bathroom renovations, but don’t have the slightest clue on how and where to start? Sounds nightmarish, but BM Remodelling & Painting in Oak Park never runs out of new approaches. If function is your highest priority during the bathroom renovations, BM Remodelling & Painting in Oak Park will give you that. Beauty and appearance are as important? We’ll make sure to provide that! You see, at BM Remodelling & Painting in Oak Park, we don’t just let you watch as we meticulously give your bathroom an update, but we also give weight to your every desire and opinion to your bathroom remodelling.

Ready to have a bathroom renovation? BM Remodelling & Painting in Oak Park can help make your dream bathroom come true!


Get Everything You Want from Your Bathroom Remodeling in Oak Park with a Free Consultation

When our remodeling contractors in Oak Park at BM Remodeling & Painting get to work, we already know what you want to see because you get the benefit of a free consultation beforehand. To us, communication is critical, which is why we go through everything from your budget to specific features to your schedule, with you before the work commences. We only go to work on your bathroom remodel when you are satisfied that our conversations are complete and accurate.

BM Remodeling & Painting Offers the Top-Quality Small Bathroom Remodel, Bathroom Renovations & Bathroom Remodeling in Oak Park and Nearby Areas

BM Remodeling & Painting will lead the way to the very best bathroom renovations for your home. Only our remodeling contractors can provide the top level of skill and dedication needed to help you to reach new heights in your home. We go where no other bathroom remodel companies in Oak Park can.

Bathroom Remodeling Oak Park

It’s surprising how we can alter the way you view your bathroom and how it can be so much more functional. BM Remodeling & Painting comes to you with highly skilled bathroom remodeling contractors in Oak Park to get the most out of your bathroom. Trust us to give it the function and style you have been looking for, with all the fine details that come with the perfect bathroom remodel.

Bathroom Renovations Oak Park

At BM Remodeling & Painting, we make it easy to have the new-look bathroom without starting all over again. With a professional bathroom renovation in Oak Park, you can have an updated space with all the right features to make it more comfortable and efficient for you and your family. Let the trusted remodeling contractors at BM Remodeling & Painting make your bathroom into a new space with a bathroom renovation in Oak Park.

Small Bathroom Remodel Oak Park

The smallest bathroom can go through the biggest changes when BM Remodeling & Painting brings the expertise of our small bathroom remodeling contractors in Oak Park. We will work with you to get the biggest transformation that will take your common small bathroom to new levels of stunning beauty. Our team can take your vision and make it a reality in your small bathroom remodel.

BM Remodeling & Painting Provide Professional Bathroom Remodeling, Kitchen Renovations & Basement Remodel Oak Park!


Do you get up every morning and wish that your bathroom was modern, streamlined, and your favorite room in your home? BM Remodeling Oak Park can help you make your dream bathroom come true. Our experienced and professional bathroom remodeling contractors have many ideas to make your bathroom functional, relaxing, and looking great. There are many choices for homeowners today that will suit big bathroom spaces to small compact areas. All is possible, from soaker tubs to walk-in glass shower enclosures, powerful showerheads, and water jet fixtures. Imagine heated floors, well-designed storage for toiletries, towels, candles, and perfectly placed mirrors with adjustable mood lighting.
BM Remodeling Oak Park has provided stunning bathroom renovations throughout the area, and we can do the same for you. We can do a complete make-over of your space or upgrade your fixtures, fittings, and finishes, depending on your budget and personal style.


Let’s face it, we all spend a lot of time in our kitchens. Whether we are just cooking a family meal, entertaining friends, or helping the kids with homework, the kitchen can become the heart of your home. So to have a well-designed kitchen that fulfills all the functions required of it, an intelligent layout with adequate space and storage is vital to a successfully functioning family kitchen. Our designers and kitchen remodeling contractors Oak Park have years of experience in designing and building kitchens for your particular needs and lifestyle. We have renovated and installed kitchens for professional chefs, large family country-style kitchens, and compact spaces for tiny homes and apartments. We build and design to suit your lifestyle, budget, and time frame. Our Oak Park teams are waiting to help you on your way to a spectacular new kitchen space.


Basements can be overlooked as usable living spaces, especially if filled with years of junk storage and little-used items. Our remodeling basement contractor, Oak Park, can give you some great, creative ideas to make your basement functional and enjoyable. Renovating your basement can give your family more breathing space, reduce the need to move, and will always increase your property value. We specialize in complete renovations, refinishing, and remodeling. Anything is possible… an additional bedroom and ensuite, a recreation space for the family, an office, or gym. Our teams can make this happen on time and within your budget. We have established an excellent reputation in Oak Park and surrounding areas due to our commitment to providing excellent customer service, working with high-quality materials, fixtures, and finishes, and providing honest and professional services to homeowners.


Why choose our Bathroom Remodeling Contractors Oak Park & Other Suburbs.

BM Remodeling & Painting is the leading renovator, remodeler, and refinisher in the Oak Park area. We have worked hard to maintain our consistently trusted and professional standards.


Our creative team of Oak Park contractors and designers has updated and exciting knowledge of cutting-edge bathroom remodeling and refinishing technology. 

Years of Experience

Experience means a lot in the world of remodeling, and our contractors are well-seasoned professionals who have been solving challenging and creative solutions to every renovation situation.

Quality Material

In all our Oak Park remodels and renovations, we use top-quality materials that will give your bathroom a beautiful look with long-lasting functionality and durability.

Clarity in Communication

Before we begin a new project, we ensure that you and our BM teams understand your project’s details. Time, cost, and expectations will all be clearly discussed.

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What You Need To Know About Bathroom Remodeling – Best Remodeling Contractors in Oak Park Advises

There are many things to consider when undertaking a bathroom remodel. The choices of fixtures, finishes, storage ideas, lighting, etc., can all be incredibly confusing. This is where the help of professionals can not be undervalued. Here are some points to consider.

Have a family meeting to discuss individual needs, concerns, and ideas.Every renovation should have a budget, with a little bit of wiggle-room for unexpected situations. Formulating a budget can be more accurately done with the help of your Oak Park contractor, and regular budget checks should be carried out.If you intend to sell your home soon, a bathroom/s upgrade will significantly increase the value of your home and the saleability of your property.

Maximizing the space and functionality of your bathroom will depend on the layout and the quality of the fixtures and fittings you choose. By carefully planning the area with your Oak Park remodeling contractor, you can get the best outcome possible!

BM Remodeling and Painting are at your service for more tips and ideas when it comes to bathroom remodels.

Hiring a Bathroom Remodeling Contractors – Bathroom Remodeling & Renovation Experts Oak Park

You want to be sure that you are getting reputable, honest, and experienced professionals when hiring a remodeling company. These are a few points to consider.


Read reviews online. These speak volumes. Ask the contractor you are considering for references from past clients and look at their portfolio of work.
BM Remodeling and Painting Oak Park take customer satisfaction seriously and aim to please with every project we undertake.


Reputable companies offer warranties for their work and services. This means they are accountable for their work and will repair or fix any problems that might occur. This gives the homeowner peace of mind and security. BM Remodeling and Painting Oak Park are proud of the work they do and stand behind it.

Customer service

Excellent customer service is what has maintained BM Remodeling and Painting Oak Park’s reputation. We strive for top-notch service that does not end when we leave your site. We are not satisfied until you are! Our friendly customer service is here to help and answer any questions you may have.

To know more about our bathroom remodel or bathroom renovations services in Oak Park, call us today. We can set up an appointment immediately to get started.

Avoid These Mistakes When Planning Your Next Bathroom Remodeling Project.
Тhe Key tо а Grеаt Bathroom Renovation—PLANNING

BM Remodeling and Painting Oak Park know that careful planning from the early stages of your bathroom remodel will lead to an effecient, functional and a great looking bathroom. If you have decided to undertake a renovation of your present bathroom it probably means that you are not thrilled with your present outdated fixtures, fittings and finishes. New technology, eco-friendly and energy efficient fixtures can add joy to any bathroom, big or small. They will also save you money on your energy bill. BM Remodeling and Painting Oak Park designers can help you design the bathroom of your dreams, with suggestions and ideas that will end in an excellent functional design that suits your family and lifestyle.

We consider all aspects of your bathroom remodel. Storage requirements, lighting, underfloor heating, finishes such as tiles or paint that are suitable for bathrooms, well placed mirrors – everything that goes into a successful bathroom design.

All of our trades people are experienced in their field and have worked for BM Remodeling and Painting Oak Park for many years. You can trust their knowledge and well-seasoned integrity. Call our team today and lets get started on your new bathroom remodel..

Don’t Like Your Bathroom? BM Professional Bathroom Remodeling & Renovation Experts  Can Help You!

Hiring an expert in bathroom renovations and remodelling is your first step to getting a great bathroom you and your family will love. BM Remodeling and Painting Oak Park are professionals who can guide you through the many choices and decisions you will need to make along the way, ensuring you get an excellent quality bathroom and value for money.

Shower and Tub
Tubs can be useful and fun if you have a young family, but on the other hand, our fast-paced lives sometimes dictate a quick solution to getting clean, so a walk-in glass shower enclosure can be more practical for your situation. This solution can leave more space for a larger vanity with more storage.

Toilet Placement
Providing enough space and legroom around your toilet is essential for your comfort. A knowledgeable and experienced contractor will consider this when designing your bathroom space and suggest an ergonomically friendly toilet that is eco-friendly and saves water usage.

Fighting over vanity space is not a pleasant way to start or finish your day. Double sinks can avoid this uncomfortable situation. A clever bathroom renovator like BM Remodeling and Painting Oak Park can maximize your space and pleasure by adding an additional sink, mirror, vanity, and useable storage space.

Lighting sets the mood for your bathroom, and alternative types of lighting can be installed for different functions. For a relaxing tub with candles and soft, warm, glowing lights with a dimmer switch for ambiance would be required. The area for applying makeup or shaving would require more task lighting. Our BM Remodeling and Painting Oak Park experts can design a lighting plan that suits all bathroom situations.

Contact Our Bathroom Remodeling Contractors
You will not be disappointed when you contract the services of BM Remodeling and Painting Oak Park. Our full-service contractors and skilled teams of tradespeople will ensure you get the best result possible for your bathroom to remodel, refinish, or total renovation. Give us a call today, and let us discuss what we can do for you.

Testimonials for BM Bathroom Remodeling &
Renovations Company Oak Park

My bathroom was small, and I wondered how I could improve it. The team from Oak Park was terrific. They came up with great ideas to maximize the space. I am so happy with the results and can highly recommend this company.

Nancy Molloy

I love my new bathroom. The team at BM Remodeling and Painting Oak Park did a fantastic remodel. I feel like it is way more functional, and I have way more space! Thanks, guys; great job and an excellent design.

Pamela Harper

BM Remodeling & Painting Oak Park gave us the bathroom of our dreams. Every space was used efficiently, and they pieced together a harmonious selection of fittings, fixtures, and finishes. We can’t be more pleased with the quality and workmanship of this company.

Norman Boerger