Accessible Bathroom Remodeling by BM Remodeling & Painting

Perhaps you are searching for “bathroom remodel companies near me”, well no need to look any further as you have landed in the right place. We specialize in bathroom renovations and remodeling with a focus on bathrooms that have specific accessibility requirements. We have years of expertise helping our clients design their accessible bathrooms that match their specific needs. We also help support disabled individuals that have a lower income, through the profits we make as bathroom remodeling contractors. BM Remodeling & Painting ensures that each accessible bathroom remodel is done with your specific needs in mind. No two bathrooms will look the same as we do not work on a one-design-fits-all model. Your requirements may be completely different to another person’s; therefore, it is important to customize each bathroom by discussing your specific needs, taste and way of life.

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When someone has any special access requirements, the bathroom has to be designed accordingly to provide access and comfort to those users. Certain aspects have to be considered to ensure the space has easy access for any impaired person, and most often these changes can be made quickly.

Making your bathroom more accessible:
• Put in place a wider door and expand the door opening
• Place grab bars in the shower, next to the toilet, and vanity
• Make sure the shower has a removable hand head with a long hose
• Adjust the height of the toilet
• Install a wall-mounted sink
• Use a wall-mounted toilet of 17-19 inches

People in wheelchairs and those with mobility disabilities usually have problems using a regular bathtub.  In these cases, a curbless shower stall sorts these limitations out. Making sure the walk-in shower is large enough to accommodate a wheelchair or a shower chair, is something to be kept in mind when renovating your bathroom. A built-in bench may be also helpful for those who rather sit while taking a shower.

Should the disabled person prefer a tub, you may choose a walk-in bathtub. Walk-in tubs allow those who cannot step over a standard bathtub apron to still have the chance of enjoying it. A door that opens to the floor may facilitate mobility for disabled users. There are also other options such as a low threshold, and other elements such as handheld showerheads and a range of therapeutic massage jets.

We provide the following improvements for accessible bathrooms:

Wheelchair roll-under counter sinks

Bath seats and walk-in baths

Lift chairs for the bath

Curbless shower with seat

No-barrier shower doors

Shower screens

Handheld shower adjustment controls

Grips and handles

Bathroom bars

Safety railings

Wall-hung basins

Non-slip floor and tub finishes

Transfer bench

Wheelchair transfer toilets

Areas for wheelchair turning

Storage for easy access

Stylishly Practical

An accessible bathroom can be both stylish as well as practical. We maintain a close relationship with our suppliers and together we ensure that there are a variety of options available for all types of fixtures and fittings. We are here to assist you with all your bathroom renovation requirements. Whether you need to convert your traditional bathroom to a wet room, or want your tub replaced with a walk-in shower, we can help to make your life easier.
You may be perfectly able to step into a tub or shower now, however it is always a good idea to plan ahead. It is possible that in a few years mobility may become a little more difficult and preparing for the future now will work in your favor.  We work closely with our preferred contractors, to ensure that your bathroom will be designed to your individual needs and specific requirements. We only work with the most reliable and trustworthy bathroom remodeling contractors, assuring you of a high standard installation and finishing.

We Design Safer Bathrooms

The time we spend in our bathrooms should be enjoyable and relaxing, certainly not dangerous. A bathroom should not be a place where your health or wellbeing is at risk. If you feel that your bathroom is not a very safe place, perhaps it’s time to call in the experts to design and create a much safer space for you. We specialize in handicap accessible bathrooms. We can create a space for you that is both safe and easier to get around in

Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom Renovations

Making small improvements can make a big difference as people with mobility limitations can find it challenging to use bathroom facilities designed for people with sound mobility. Small changes can make bathrooms more accessible, practical, and comfortable for older people or people that live with a disability.

Shower Installations that are Handicap Accessible

Do you have a specific requirement for the installation of a handicap accessible shower in your home? We can assist you. We have professional teams on standby that can help you with your bathroom remodel. We can install any type of tubs, showers, fixtures, vanities, flooring and tiles. No job is too big or too small for us to handle. We have the experience you can draw on for planning a bathroom that is safe and easy to navigate. We understand the challenges of limited mobility and we can assist you during your bathroom remodeling project. We can assist to configure your bathroom in a way that is wheelchair friendly. From measurements and sink clearance to toilet placement and curbless showers, we consider all the aspects.

The following are a few bathroom remodeling changes that can be made:

Add a walk-in bathtub: this is a nice addition as a regular bathtub has high edges, which are very difficult for mobility challenged people to make use of.

Walk-in shower: also known as roll-in shower, curbless shower, no-threshold shower, wheelchair accessible shower, or barrier-free shower. For extra practicality and support, install a shower bench or shower seat.

You can consider installing handrails or grab rails to add extra support and mobility. It will make life in the bathroom easier and much safer. There are a variety of options available to choose from.

Ensure there is adequate open space to allow room for movement. An accessible bathroom needs to have enough space available to allow for a wheelchair to turn around and allow for enough room for transfers, as per the ADA guidelines.

ADA recommended toilet height: you can install risers if bending or rising presents a challenge. Risers can be purchased at around $50 or less and they are usually available at a home improvement store in most areas.

Roll under vanity: this can make a considerable difference to a wheelchair user and makes it so much easier to have access to the bathroom sink and mirror. With no cabinet obstructing the wheelchair, the user has easy access to the sink.

Hands Free or single lever-handle faucets: we recommend the installation of a single-handle faucet or hands free faucet. A single lever that can operate the water flow or a sensor that will turn the water on and off will make things easier.

These changes are all intended to aid in a wheelchair accessible bathroom design, allowing for extra independence and safety.