Renovation Of A Handicap Bathroom

Caregiving for a person with special needs may forge a unique relationship, but it can also be a very difficult task. It takes specialized handicap remodeling contractors to lessen the burden for the person in need and the caregiver, regardless of whether the difficulty was present at birth, was caused by an accident, a medical condition that resulted in the loss of certain capacities, or was caused by an aging family member’s declining health.

By connecting you with handicap bathroom remodel contractors in your region who are used to offering these crucial services, are savvy about state and local building codes, and are knowledgable with the intricacies of adjusting a home to suit the requirements of those who will live in it, Contractor Connection can help you overcome these difficulties. Your handicap remodeling contractors interact with everyone impacted while managing your project to effectively find ways to overcome your daily issues. Assuring that people with special requirements may live as independently and dignifiedly as possible in their own homes is the ultimate objective. Contractor Connection is pleased to provide specialist handicap bathroom renovations and other services to lessen stress during the first phases of the process.


Widening Doors to Allow Access for Wheelchairs
Narrow hallways and entrances provide challenges for wheelchair users in the majority of residences. Contractors for handicapped bathroom renovation might enlarge entrances to provide wheelchair access and a turning room. Contrary to traditional construction, your doors should open outward. If these modifications are not feasible, pocket doors can be a decent alternative.

Installation Of Railings And Grab Bars
The correct grab bars may provide freedom to the handicapped in several spots around a house. These include positioning near restrooms, baths, showers, and other areas where a wheelchair won’t be in use right away. Our handicap renovation contractors can provide you with the assistance you need to decide where these assistive devices should be installed and how to choose the appropriate hardware.

Walk-In And Roll-In Showers
Providing the proper shower or tub entrance during bathroom renovation for handicap accessibility may be accomplished in a number of ways. With a roll-in shower, a wheelchair has direct access to the shower area since there is no tile barrier separating the bathroom floor from it. A walk-in shower, however, has a higher threshold that must be crossed.

Accessible Restrooms
Our wheelchair-accessible restrooms meet ADA requirements and are at a comfortable height. For a toilet that is really customized, we offer a variety of designs and specialist accessories.

Toilet And Shower Chairs
Shower and toilet chairs are a quick and easy way to update your bathroom. This common addition, which supports the body in a comfortable manner, may make using the shower and toilet simple once again..

System SuperPole
A SuperPole System is the best option for anybody who requires help standing, transferring, or moving because a floor-to-ceiling grasp bar is erected employing pressure between the ceiling and the floor.

Accessible Sinks 
Every surface in your bathroom is usable and wheelchair accessible with our roll-under sink solutions.

Lift And Track Systems
When there is little room, lift systems are a great way to raise and move a person with restricted mobility.

Low Height Counters
Counter height is crucial for a person in a wheelchair in both the kitchen and the restroom. To ensure the right height, knee space, and floor area, planning is necessary.

We Offer Free Consultations For Your Needs Regarding Handicap Bathrooms!
Bathrooms for people with disabilities often need more effort than simple bathroom upgrades. Because of this, we provide a free evaluation during our first visit to make sure we are acquainted with your preferences and can proceed with the project as smoothly as possible. We place a strong emphasis on open communication to make sure that we are on the same page in terms of your requirements and objectives, including but not limited to design alternatives, bathroom remodels costs, project timelines, and anticipated completion. With our obligation-free consultation, you may explore your alternatives without feeling rushed. To arrange your first appointment if you’re looking for qualified, experienced renovation professionals, get in touch with us right now!