With so many great kitchen remodeling ideas out there, you may just stop to wonder when the best time is to undertake such a project. Need new kitchen cabinets or a complete kitchen overhaul? You may be eager to get started with your kitchen renovation project, but it’s best to hold off until the right time.

Putting together as many kitchen remodeling ideas as possible can help with your planning for the best time to commence your renovation project. The fact is that winter is the best season for kitchen remodeling as it allows you to travel to warmer places rather than being home during this cold season.

There are several other reasons why it’s best to wait until winter to renovate your kitchen. Our expert remodeling contractors have put together this helpful post to provide you with some kitchen remodeling inspiration. Additionally, they will share some helpful insights and advice to make sure your remodeling project is a great success.

Kitchen Renovations on a Budget Are Best Done in Winter
You might be able to get some amazing bargains on some of the materials or appliances you need for your kitchen or even your bathroom renovations, if you wait until after the holidays. Suppliers tend to put last year’s items on sale when they start preparing for the spring season.

For budget conscious kitchen remodeling projects, your patience may result in discounts of 50% or more if you wait until the right time. You can expect to find some really good deals on the materials and appliances you require, for instance:

Refrigerators – these items are typically discounted after the holidays. Shop around for some good deals if you are in the market for a new fridge.

Stoves – like fridges, stoves also tend to go on sale after the holidays. If you need a new stove for your kitchen remodeling project, keep your eyes open for some great specials.

Microwaves – this is a popular item for most kitchen renovations. Look for specials during the wintertime and you may be surprised what you can find.

Paint – people tend to paint less in winter, prompting paint manufacturers to run some worthwhile paint promotions you can benefit from, during this time.

Dishwashers – perhaps you can consider including a small dishwasher in your kitchen remodeling plan. Look out for specials on these appliances during winter.

You could potentially save lots of money if you simply wait until the winter season comes around and until after the holidays. You can take advantage of some great deals on appliances and materials for your renovation project. It’s great to have this inside business knowledge and be aware of how to make the most of your kitchen remodel.

Take Winter Vacation Time to Avoid the Construction Chaos in Your Home
During a kitchen renovation project, there are times when it’s best to rent another property to temporarily live in. If this is the case, you may as well take the opportunity to go somewhere warmer and take a small winter vacation while the remodeling contractors are working in your home.

You can choose to take a break during some or all of the construction. This will help you keep positive and maintain your sanity. Besides, winter is a great time to get away to relax and refresh your mind. How wonderful to then come home to a completed and beautiful new kitchen!

During a kitchen renovation project there can be a lot of chaos in your home with all the noise, dust and workers walking around. It’s therefore not a bad idea to get away for a while to escape this mayhem. Perhaps it’s a good idea to take care of some cleaning before you leave and please refer to our move-out cleaning checklist for handy cleaning tips. A winter breakaway will not only let you escape the renovation chaos but will also help you to recharge, refresh and get ready for the year ahead.

Your Kitchen is Used Less After the Holidays
The official start of winter is around December 22, which is right before the Christmas and New Years holidays. Your kitchen is often needed during this time. The time to start your kitchen remodeling project should ideally be after the holidays. There is often less cooking happening in winter which makes it a good time to undertake a kitchen or even bathroom remodeling project. Remodeling companies can take a month or two to do a complete kitchen overhaul, which makes this the best time of year to have it done.

As you’ll be without a kitchen for a while, take this opportunity to test some new restaurants that may have opened up in your area during the wintertime. Explore your and the surrounding neighborhoods to try new places and get to know the local community and their food better.

Without your kitchen it’s more likely that you’ll get to visit your friend’s and family’s homes more often to share meals. This can result in stronger relationships and closer connections. The folks you care about will be happy to have you over for meals, especially because wintertime is the ideal time to do this.

Winter is a Time of High Energy Costs
The electricity bill is generally higher during the winter, due to the dark and cold weather. Lights are used more often and for longer, as well as the heating required to keep your home warm and comfortable. Your bills will be lower if your kitchen is not being utilized. This savings in utilities can go towards your restaurant expenses.

It goes without saying that you will be spending money on the kitchen remodeling project, but this was already part of the budget. Any savings you can benefit from through reduced electricity usage, can go towards improving your level of comfort.

To make yourself feel good when your home life is disrupted, perhaps consider treating yourself to a spa day. Winter is a great time to relax and enjoy yourself, which makes remodeling your small kitchen during winter a smart idea.

Prepare Your Kitchen for the Anticipation of Spring and Summer
Scheduling your kitchen renovation project during winter, will ensure that you are completely prepared for the best social season of the year. Spring and summer are the seasons for entertaining. Invite your friends and family around and entertain them in your gorgeous new kitchen.

With your newly renovated small kitchen, you’ll be able to make the most of the lovely
veggies that become available again during springtime. Having your new kitchen prepared and ready from the start of spring is a wonderful feeling and makes it worthwhile to undergo your kitchen remodeling project during the winter.

Once summertime arrives, you will have settled nicely into your new kitchen and can take full advantage of the summer. Cook wonderful meals and enjoy entertaining friends and family during the best season of the year, Summer!